From June 2014 you can now watch recordings of our webinars on YouTube.

To view webinar abstracts and recordings, please continue to visit the relevant page(s) below.

October 2015

Advantages and Challenges of Open Research panel session with Bonnie Stewart, Katy Jordan, Tess Cartmill and Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams (closing Hangout for the second iteration of our P2PU course on open research)

September 2015

The Impact of Open Education: Findings from the OER Research Hub (organised and hosted by ALT)

March 2015

Distinguishing the dOERs: Faculty use of Open Educational Resources (organised and hosted by BCcampus as part of Open Education Week; recording available here)

December 2014

Online Book Launch: Martin Weller (Battle for Open) and Martin Eve (Open Access and the Humanities)

OER Research with Librarians and Open Textbook Adoptions (organised and hosted by CCCOER; recording available here)

May 2014

The Impact of Open Textbooks on Students and Educators

OER and Localisation: Adapting OER for Local Contexts

March 2014

Considering Accessibility of OER for Diverse Learners

Exploring the Battle for Open

January 2014

OER in a flipped classroom

October 2013

Policies – The Cause or Effect of Open Education?

September 2013

Are OER complementary or competitive with formal education? Some recent research findings

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