Across the different collaborations the project identifies critical issues and aspires to learn from the practical experience of working to solve them. Meeting the challenges of openness requires research strategies which take account of the different aspects of OER impact. In the OER world, the way forward is associated with greater transparency and sharing of educational materials and research. Similarly, a more useful evidence base should emerge through taking advantage of working openly and in collaboration as it allows for the pooling of limited resources and greater scale and efficiency through co-ordinated action.

Any research project should ensure that institutional standards for ethical research.  As a project conducted by employees of The Open University (UK) all the OER Research Hub data collection activities comply with our Ethical Principles for Research Involving Human Participants and Code of Practice. Both of these documents can be accessed via the OU Research School website:  Our research activities comply with both the UK Data Protection Act (1998) and the USA’s Protection of Human Subjects (45 CFR 46) and where appropriate the obligatory institutional approval or review have been secured in other national contexts.

The OER Research Hub is committed to openness and further this vision through:

  • Making our own research instruments and project documentation available to others;
  • Creating and facilitating our own course on P2PU’s School of Open: Open Research. The course examines the concept and practice of open research, ethics in the open, dissemination and the role of reflection/evaluation.
  • Releasing research data, where possible and appropriate.

This page was last updated on 29 September 2014 

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