OERRH Evaluation Framework

The OERRH Evaluation Framework provides guidelines that allow project processes, outputs and outcomes to be evaluated in ways appropriate to the individual concerns of the various work packages, while at the same time collecting data that can be pulled together across the project. The framework contains a detailed outline of the two-phase process setting this into the context of evaluating a multi-collaboration open project.

Phase 1 comprises a process of formative evaluation focused on the project research and intended to inform decisions about data collection and analysis methods, the interpretation of the research data, and the strategy for disseminating the research findings (including the Evidence Hub). Phase 2, the summative stage of the OERRH evaluation process, allows the project outputs and outcomes to be assessed against the originally intended objectives, providing lessons for future projects in addition to evidence about whether the project has achieved its stated goals and has benefitted its stakeholders. The formative and summative evaluation of the OERRH project is intended to allow on-going monitoring of the project health, leading to evaluation-informed project development activities and the implementation of quality assurance at all stages of the project.


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